Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Works in progress everywhere I look

Dear readers,

I have decided to focus my blog solely on my crafting ventures and as such, will be moving to a more suitable URL. Its not that I don't like eating healthy or developing recipes any more. I just don't have the mental bandwidth for it at present, and there are too many--and dare I say better-- recipes out there for me to be competitive and draw in readership.

However, my knitting does seem to get me compliments wherever I go and it keeps me calm-- I could really do with some zen right now-- so I will continue to craft and write about it. Maybe this summer I will finally design something again, or actually write a pattern down so I or someone else can use it again.

So many of my friends and acquaintances are having babies-- are wrote about my friend S last week. This week, I am working on a baby blanket for T, who is possibly one of my closest friends ever. Sadly, she is moving away soon, so I am working on a deadline. She hasn't found out the sex of her child yet, but since I have under a month to go (will be traveling for ten of those days) I cast on for the blanket using a pale yellow yarn.

It is a bias knit fabric, worked diagonally in garter stitch. The border is knit at the same time. I plan to thread some ribbon through the eyelets, but not sure about that yet. This was the fastest design I could work in the limited time I have, so although its a pretty basic design I do feel like jazzing it up a bit. Maybe I will crochet a small scallop border at the end. Or crochet a few flowers to one corner.

I'm aiming for at least a 30 x 30 inch square blanket, more if I can possibly keep at it. I had about 19" when I took the picture so we'll see.

This post goes to WIP Wednesday. I hope to debut my new blog URL soon-- that too is a WIP right now! 


  1. I will miss reading your food and recipe posts, but can understand the time constraints involved in creating them. So happy to hear that you will continue to blog about knitting! Love all of your ideas for jazzing up the blanket.

  2. I just found out this morning my niece is having a girl, so I can pick colors and patterns with a clear plan now. It's now to the point where the daughters, nieces and nephews will be having babies over the next 1-10 years, so I see a lot of baby knitting in my future!

  3. I loooove the blanket! Thanks so much , gosh I will miss seeing these beauties you knit!


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