Sunday, February 2, 2014

Life, how many more? How many challenges must we face,
Before you'll allow us a crumb, a glimpse of what could be?
How many more facades must we paint on us
Before you're pleased with the papier mache we?

Too many deaths you've strewn in my path,
Too much hemlock in my almost empty cup.
'After the blow falls, it gets better, they say'--
But how many blows must you send my way?

Can we allow ourselves a moment of joy?
A second of bliss before you come our way?
Before you knock our plans to the ground
And turn every-damn-thing upside down.

You're cruel life, you're a bitch!
You're a heartless, soulless, witch!
And while you can break me--
Only I can remake me.

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  1. Is this from your heart or someone else's. If you, girl I pray for you. Hope all is well or getting better.


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