Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's and FO day!

DH and I don't normally celebrate Valentine's day. It's a huge consumer nightmare in India as well as here in the US, and well, we were never together for Valentine's anyway. One of the pitfalls of a several year-long long distance relationship. Our wedding anniversary is literally four days after Valentine's, so we just merge the celebrations.

Today I'm so happy to show off this little cardigan I made for a friend who is expecting a baby girl in a few months time. She's my oldest friend from the States (since I've only been here four years that isn't saying a lot!) and she has been there for me through tough times and good, a sounding board and we've had many happy times together. Now that she's moved further away we don't see as much of each other but I think of her almost every day and am thrilled that she and her husband are moving on to the next stage in their lives.

I don't often feel compelled to reknit a pattern but this really is going to be my go to pattern for baby cardis! It is cute, easy, and the color combinations are endless.

Color came out wonky in these :(

I've made this in the smallest size, sizing down a needles size so the little one can wear it before the heat of the summer.

I hope mommy-to-be likes it! I will be giving this to her at her baby shower next month.

Pattern: Little Coffee Bean Cardigan
Yarn: Vanna's Choice in Rose and Silver Grey
Needles: 4.00 mm (US 6) and 4.50 mm (US 7)

Happy Valentine's day everyone. My anniversary is a day after President's Day so it's going to be a fun long weekend for us. As long as it doesn't snow again...

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  1. A DOR A BLE!! I have that bookmarked, but just never got around to making it. I love your version and now think of all those leftovers I could use up! Happy Anniversary early! How nice they give you a long weekend to celebrate. LOL

  2. Such a cute little cardi, I'm sure your friend will be thrilled with this!

  3. That is SO precious! Wow! Just lovely. What a thoughtful gift!

    I too dislike V-Day, but I pretty much dislike any holiday that a) requires expensive gifts to "prove" love, and b) is centered around eating unhealthy foods! I'm a grinch, I know :-)

  4. I love this cardi! I adore handmade knits for little ones (although I'm terrible at making them). Your label is perfect too.

  5. Cute cute cute! Love the pink and grey together. It will be a perfect layering piece for the warmer seasons ahead! Happy anniversary to you and your hubby!


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