Monday, January 28, 2013

Simply delicioso!

That, my friends is the title of a Mexican/Hispanic style cooking show I sometimes watch. Where I discovered the difference between horchata (a rice based drink) and orecchiette (Italian pasta). It coincidentally, is also the phrase that sprung into my mind and is doing the jig inside my head because it is the only term which describes the freaking awesomeness of this cakebread.

What, perchance, is cakebread? Well, in her post, Chocolate Covered Katie (the inventor of this lovely recipe) calls it a coconut cake. Well, she blogs that she meant to call it coconut bread. It is moist, dense but not too sweet and slices well. So, I'm calling it a cakebread. Or even a breadcake if you prefer (which I personally don't).

I followed Katie's recipe pretty closely, if you count my one big aberration.

My changes were:

  1. Double the batter to make two cakes. Great decision in hindsight. 
  2. Use 2 tbsp of flax meal AND add 2 eggs to the batter
  3. Use erythritol instead of xylitol and omit the extra tbsp called for. Instead I added some liquid stevia drops. 
  4. Less vanilla extract. I ran out. Sad face. 
  5. That's it!
So my one BIG aberration was to un-veganize the cake. I still went with the flax meal though, since flax is rich in omega-3s, adds fiber and protein and is generally good for you. So are the eggs, by the way :) 

I baked one cake in a loaf tin and the other in my layer cake/pie pan. I think I poured more batter into the round pan because its larger in size, which is why my cakes haven't risen meteorically but they are still well aerated without being too dense. 

Seen here...sliced and topped with healthy Nutella and a drop of coconut milk (yum!). I think this cakebread really shines on its own though. 

Imagine this: DH walks into the house five minutes after I've plated the cakes and had my first second third piece. (Well, my slices were more slivers, really). And promptly demolishes half the cake! And cries for more, but I've had to hide the second one since I have a friend coming over tomorrow and I kinda sorta told her "I'm experimenting with coconut today". 

He's not happy to share. 

I'm thinking about subbing the pineapple for a banana as well. That would be the best banana bread ever. 



  1. It looks gorgeous with the nutella. Thank you so much for trying it!

    1. It totally was! Thanks for your awesome recipes :) I'm such a fan!

  2. Ooooh! I have to try this.And it's egg less.
    It's looks totally delish!!!

    1. Oh please do try it! I gave some to my friends and they all loved it and couldn't believe it was sugar and butter less.


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